How to use calendar in offers all new calendar experience for their users. calendar has an easy to use interface which helps the user to organize the schedule more efficiently. This calendar feature is fast and helps a person to focus on the important appointments, events and tasks that are added to the calendar. Another convenience of this calendar is that it can be used on other devices such as iPhone, iPad, android or any mobile with a web browser.  One should know how to use the calendar in to do various tasks using this feature.  There are tutorials available online to learn the various uses. Here is the guideline for using the calendar in

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Using The Calendar To Add Or Edit An Event

  • First select the calendar by clicking the down arrow next to the Outlook logo and click the calendar option.
  • To add an event to the calendar click “new”. Click anywhere on the month, week or day view option.
  • To enter events with longer time span than a day click and drag the time slot.
  • To edit an event, click on the event.

You can add appointments and events in the calendar by clicking on any time slot and typing the details of the appointment.  To remind you of the appointments you can opt for sounds or messages.  You can even color the important appointments for easy identification.

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Scheduling Meetings

You can schedule your business meetings or any other meetings using the calendar in You can select a particular time and date on the calendar and create a meeting request. You can send the meeting request to the invitees through outlook mail.  When the invitees receive the request they can accept or decline the invitation just by clicking a button. If there is a conflict with the time and date suggested by you and any other event in the receiver’s calendar, outlook will notify you about the situation. This will help you to track who accepts and declines the meeting request can change the schedule your meeting accordingly.

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Viewing Multiple Calendars

It is possible to view multiple calendars side by side using the calendar feature of You can view the calendar shared by other people or different calendars created by you to compare them.  You can have separate calendars for Read More…

Outlook on your cell phone

There is a new free web based email service out now and it is known as the Outlook mail service. The previous Hotmail service offered by Microsoft has taken a new avatar in the form of Outlook mail service to offer its customers better emailing experience like never before.

Outlook Mail Service On Phone

outlook on cellphone

You will be happy to know that the Outlook mail service is extended to your latest Smartphones as well and this will allow you to access your important mails and other messages on your phone even if you are on the move. Now, you  do not need to be tied down to your computer or your laptop to check out your mails and to send important mails or documents through  your mail id, you can easily do it on the move with  the help of Outlook mobile email app.

Accessing Emails On Cell Phone

If you use the latest Smartphones, be it Android based or Windows based or an iPhone, then you will be able to easily sync your phones with Outlook email so that you can send and receive your emails from your phone. All the information in your email account can be accessed through your mobile phone. If your email account is a type that needs registration, then you must register Read More…

Manage spam with outlook mail

If you have been using a free web based mail service, then you would have known by now the hassles and the difficulties that you would be facing with spam and junk emails.

Doing Away With Junk Mails

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Even though there are many free web based mail services available, not one has been able to offer the highest levels of security features so that you do not get unwanted, junk and spam mails clustering your inbox space. Phishing attacks are the most common problems that you will face in your email account and if you need to enjoy the best protection technologies and highest levels of security options, then you need to switch over to the new Outlook email service.

Blocked Senders Option In Outlook

One of the straightforward processes that Outlook mail service offers you is the ‘blocked senders’ option. All you need to do is to click a few times on your mouse and you will be able to easily configure the bad domains and email addresses that Read More…

Outlook Vs Old Hotmail

Email services have become an integral part of our life. Every day new features are being added to the mail services to help the users in various tasks associated with sending and receiving and organizing mails. Hotmail service was one of the first email services on the internet, which was launched in 1996. The limit of free storage was 2 MB. In December 1997 hotmail was sold to Microsoft and since then the service has undergone great changes.  In 2013 Microsoft replaced the hotmail with mail service. The present outlook service features unlimited storage, integration with calendar, Ajax, SkyDrive, People and Skype.  The Hotmail customers were upgraded to and were able to retain their email address, password, folders, messages contacts replies etc with the option of having a email address. Here is the comparison of the features of the new Outlook and the old hotmail.

outllook features vs old hotmail

Program Used

The outlook mail like other webmail services of today uses the programming technique called Ajax, which supports the use of the latest version of web browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Ajax programming provides features such as keyboard controls of the page so that there will be no need to use mouse to navigate, message filters, folder based message recognition, auto completion of contact address, rich text signature, spam filtering, virus scanning, support for different Read More…